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Oh, Holy Night...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Cookies! TOLD you we would get them decorated this morning!!! Oh, ye of little faith.

Ya know...for someone who doesn't do anything, I'm tired a lot. In fact...this is a fairly common expression for me.

I made a Matthew ginger bread boy (Note the red hair) Melly pointed out if it was bug he would only have one sock on, so she took it off. I decided Matthew would be lonely...so I made one of me so we could hang out on a plate together.


You gotta love the annual Choate Family Christmas Gathering.

Ben and I call this look "Blue Steel"

My boys in their "Traditional Comfy Pajamas That Are Expected On Christmas Eve" Quoth James...

They wanted to make "Afro's" out of Grandma Marilyn's Squishy pillows. Help me. Please...

Christmas cards. I loved the ones with the photo's (I about pee'd myself at the berette's (Sp?) And little mustaches on Gigi and Jean Louis!!!!) I also thought Karen making mine into a ballerina to mock my old Ballet injury was hillarity itself!

Don't tick Jon off. Ever.

IT'S ALL FINALLY FREAKING DONE! Actually...I look forward to the time with Jonathan every year. It's nice.

I've thought a lot about those we love that can't be with us this year for one reason or the other. Especially Matthew. So today I bought him bright orange Gerber Daisies with silver glitter on the leaves. I miss him.

Sleep in heavenly peace, Sweet Boy.

A Very Merry Christmas (or at least one that isn't 10 shades of suck)
From Our Family To You and Yours...


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