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Piece of S**T Car, Gingerbread Houses!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Late last night I decided that I wanted my children to not think that they had a piece of decroded crap for a mother (I have not ONE wrapped gift under the tree yet). SO...I called Melly and informed her that we were going to make Christmas Cookies and decorate Gingerbread Houses for Christmas. Then I got up and cleaned my Kitchen (I only know this because Jon told me. Sometimes being looney is a plus.."oooh! Who cleaned my kitchen??? ME??? Wow...I'm amazing! What a suprise...I shouldn't have!!")

Melly and I went shopping for ingredients at Lee's.

After we were done, we ran more christmas errands and my piece of hud van DIED in the mall parking lot (Middle of the road, I might add). This is after I realized we weren't going anywhere:

Jonathan came to our rescue (Damn good thing he had his trusty leatherman). Turns out my serpantine belt fell off (AGAIN....this happened exactly a year ago and I was stuck in Karen's driveway in a blizzard!) and I needed a new battery. Oh, and we had to get the car out of the road amongst people who couldn't figure out that HAZZARD LIGHTS MEAN YOUR CAR IS HAVING ISSUES!!!! This left me pissed off and frazzled.

But all ended up okay (I was going to do this project if it freaking killed me) So I lined up our ingredients (I even used little glass bowls...ahhh!)
The boys had such a good time!!!!! Our little chef's at work!!!

Silliness with cookie-cutters

The bear is from cute solider nephew Dylan...It rocks.

Christophee and I. He loved it most of all. He really gets a kick out of wearing my apron. He was just sweet for the whole process. Maybe he won't think this Christmas totally sucks.

I just couldn't make a house. For one, I had just watched the gingerbread house competition on Food Network. Oh. My HECK those people have too much time/energy/talent/whatever.
Second...I feel like 10 shades of suck, and this was a heck of a lot more fitting. I have to say, even though I'm tactily retarded, this turned out awesome...three pillows, soft cookie dough bedspread (There are halved marshmellows that make a body under the blanky...you just can't tell in the photo. If you didn't know...this is supposed to be me.

THE FINAL PROJECTS!!!! Jake had gummy bears playing in the attic. Christophee had bears on sleds, I had my depressive self-portrait, and James had a Jeffery Dahmer house (Um...let's see...a decapitated snowman, a bear who fell off his roof and broke his neck, making him a quadrapeligic, the burgler bear breaking into the back window...and I think there may have been a goat-sacrifice going on in the front lawn)

Yes...he's is most ceratainly my child. Sigh.


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