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Polar Plunge 2006!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I had the best time today. I decided last night to get up early today to participate in the 'Polar Plunge'. It's a benefit sponsored by Utah Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics. I felt really bad that I have had a phobia of the S.O. What a freaking hypocrite I am sometimes. I don't want to stay that way, so I decided to get over it and help out.

This is a group pic of all the S.O. Athletes (in blue parkas) and various law enforcement there.

I know this seems like a bizarre thing for me to do-I hate the cold(The water was 28 degrees), I'm scared of water(We plunged into Hyrum Dam) and have 'issues'. Of course I wanted to do it! I think sometimes I do things I'm scared of just to prove I can. It is also just a fun and weird thing to say that you have done.

They suggested costumes or a theme. I had no idea what to do and it was the next day. My Nephew, Dylan, is in the Air Force and is coming home from Ali Al Salam (Kuwait) in a couple of days, and I love a lot of people serving in the military, so I thought I'd just put on green for everyone I know. I wish I knew where my dog tags were-it would have looked better! One of the S.O. Athletes gave me these glasses. He thought they would look 'just great' with my outfit.
Most of the plungers were in costume. I thought this one was so funny.

This guy was literally a "Ninja holding a Plunger". Ha!

I had no idea it was going to be sponsored by the Army. At least my outfit fit in. Plus, I was pretty much in uniform HEAVEN. Sigh... I told Jon he needs to find one of these (On stipulation that I get to play with the shoulder-mic doohicky). Too bad tech-geeks don't get such cool gear. Leathermans just don't cut it! ;)

Tee Hee...Cache County Sheriff has a Mounted Posse. Maybe I should go work there.

This is Maggie. I used to work with her at Borders. Her husband is a cop and ex-LAPD. I actually knew a few cops and other people there. Cool.

James and Christopher were so excited to see me 'Jump in a lake'.

James said, "I can't wait to see the look on your face, Mom. It will be priceless". Jonathan came along for support and kept mocking my shoes(actually, they were a subject for a lot of people).
I asked him what could he expect from someone who wore Sunday flats on a repelling weekend with the Army ROTC???! My feet were freaking cold and numb, though.

I was #19th to plunge. The guy on the bullhorn said, "Representing the US Army in some great lookin' BDU'S - Loralee Goat."


Hmmm...I think he needs to brush up on what BDU'S look like (although I called them BVD'S forever. Heh) and I'm not in the military and my name isn't GOAT! Oh, well! More to tell!

So I gave a big "HOO-RAH" and jumped in!

It. Was. Really. Cold.

I was barefoot and my feet were so numb I didn't even feel the ground on the run to the woman's tent

After I dried off, a reporter asked to interview me. He asked if I was in the Army. I knew the bullhorn guy would confuse people! I said no, I'm not nearly that cool, but I had a lot of loved ones serving and a couple are over in Kuwait and about my Nephew. I also told him to paraphrase my comments. I always sound like a dork when quoted and my brain had shut off from the cold. We'll see.

My hubby and kids were so proud of their mom!

The best part was this little blonde kid. He won an award. He is seriously cute.He came running up to me saying, "Hey! Army Lady! This is for you!" He gave me this sticker to put on my Polar Plunge shirt and gave me a hug. I cried. I hugged all the athletes before I left.

I had such a good time today.
I'm going to volunteer to be a hugger in the Special Olympics.


  • At 4:00 PM , Blogger Karen said...

    The little blonde kid's name is Ty and he has a twin sister (she dosn't have Downs). They come to the library.

  • At 10:38 AM , Blogger BNB Photography said...

    OMG... You are nuts! COLD COLD COLD. Congrats though. You are way braver than me.


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