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WOW! This Is Just COOL

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Okay...I pondered. I like doing this blog and I think I would really miss it. Even though I ramble it really helps me sort some stuff out. I was just whining and being immature. I dare to say it moved dangerously close to quasi "Pout". From me???!! GASP! Suprise! Not.

I think I'll stick around for the time being. Thanks for the support.

Actually-this is one thing that convinced me to stay-I did a search trying to find my exact address online and found this: Someone (Her name is Jes) wrote about my blog!

Here I am thinking I'm talking mostly to empty space and I find this. Kinda ironic...

I didn't have time to read all of Jes's blog so I'm not sure why I'm there exactly (It sounds like it is for a class assignment) but she has some good insights about me and what this place is about!
Good job, Jess. (I made some comments in white ink)

Looney Toons
Where to start?I guess I'll do some categorizing first.Loralee tends to have a notebook type blog.Blood says that a notebook is "sometimes personal . . . distinguished from blogs by their longer pieces of focused content" (6). This first post I read is a good example of all the posts that followed. She tends to make really long posts, but the text is only medium length, it is the pictures that make the post so long. For her, pictures are a good way to tell her story. And with a picture and a sentence recurring 22 times, she gets long posts.Blood also states that "both blogs and notebooks tend to focus on the weblogger's inner world or their reactions to the world around them; the links play strictly a supporting role" (7).

Loralee's blog is mostly just several windows into her life. She states her day-to-day occurrences in a chronological fashion and doesn't omit a lot. She posts every day and usually more than once, and her posts carry the reader through what she experiences or thinks about. Most of her inner world consists of her 2 sons, her husband, and her friends she takes outings with. This is slightly contradictory with the idea of a notebook. Blood says that notebooks are more a record of ideas than external events (7). So, in a way, Looney Toons may just be a long version of a blog.

I've changed my mind, actually. Looney Tunes is more of an online journal than anything else. Loralee is mostly just recording her life for public access. She mentions at one point that she has a bad memory and the pictures help her remember. I can understand this. A blog is a quick way to record one's life for later access. It makes it easier to remember what happened when and how. Now she'll always remember when she did the Polar Plunge, was sick while watching
Brokeback Mountain, or attended a New Year Party.Moving on. I'd have to say that the main motivations for Looney Toons are information sharing, as in informing her friends as to what she did that day, and personal expression, as in letting loose after a day with her boys and writing about what was important to her or what she discovered, "I had such a good time today.I'm going to volunteer to be a hugger in the Special Olympics."

Beyond these categorizations and labels, I noticed a few interesting things.1. Loralee faithfully posts every day with words and pictures. She is giving a very good account of her life, and the reader quickly gets a feel for what her days hold. It also shows that she is fairly dedicated to blogging and enjoys writing about her life.2. Her pictures are often the goofy posed kind. These pictures, along with her text, show her as a very fun person. She's frequently smiling, laughing, or making herself look dumb and goofy. She seems upbeat and ready to go at all times. So, yes, she is reputation building(Good observation. I wish my pics weren't so posed but I have the world's longest delay on my camera-grrr!).3. Her spelling and grammar are pretty good, but she claims they are not. She's not too concerned with these things, because her main focus is to just get her information across. She doesn't need fancy wording or punctuation to do so.4. Last, it's funny how similar she is to Dooce. They are both gorgeous women(THANK YOU!) with older husbands (Ha ha, Jon is 2 years younger than me but you can't tell because he has the Grizzley Adam's beard going on)and children. Both have dealt with divorce. Both blog a lot. Both incorporate pictures in their blogs. Both of their husbands blog. Both are goofy and fun like teenagers, even though they are in their late 20s/early 30s, but it's refreshing to read. And both are from Utah!(It must be something in the water...now I have to read this woman's blog!)

My final thoughts:Loralee is your average stay at home mom who has a lot of crazy things happen in her day and wants to share these occurrences with someone. Blogging is her way of letting the world know that she does do valuable things and that she is still fun. Her blog is very entertaining to read and the daily updates keep it that way. I think I'll keep reading her.
(Thank YOU!)

It makes me happy that someone I don't even know read my stuff! :) :) :) :) Even if it was for an assignment. :) Plus, Dooce was just in Glamour Magazine for "Woman Who Blog" Honored to be read along with her...she is really funny!http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily/12_30_2005.html

It almost made up for the waking HELL I endured at the DMV to replace my lost licence so I can go to Texas on Sunday!


  • At 5:44 PM , Blogger Karen said...

    I posted a comment on Jess' blog about you!

  • At 6:32 PM , Blogger Loralee Choate said...

    Jes and I had a very nice back and forth. :)

    I was correct, it was for a class. It sounded like an interesting one...I should take one and add it to my billion college credits.

    For other's-here is Jessica's blog(she is studying sterotypes placed on the sexes)
    Check it out.


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