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20 Secret Thoughts and Deeds

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

1. I am proud of my neck. I think it is pretty.
2. I have moments where I want the new PO president to fail. Terrible, isn't it?
3. My sister's chewing and swallowing drive me crazy.
4. I love the wrinkles around Jonathan's eyes.
5. I am afraid of having a girl. I don't think she would be as pretty as Gracie, Natalie or Emily.
6. Sex is often a whole lot more enjoyable in my head.
7. I often think that I have an attachment disorder.
8. People tell me I have a lot of good things to offer, but I think that the bad things I have done negate them.
9. I try and be more liberal than I think I really am.
10. I am an honest liar. You would have to be around me to understand that one. Too complicated even for ME.
11. Despite #10 and that I have done some really manipulative dishonest things, I usually believe people. You would think it would make me suspicious, but it usually doesn't occur to me that other people are anything but honest. Weird.
12. I love to snoop.
13. My biggest fear is rejection.
14. I keyed my principal's car in high school
15. I cannot keep a secret (stretch your imagination on this one, I know)
16. The girl that replaced me in the music department is now at the MET. I have wished permanent laryngitis on her a few times out of sheer envy.
17. I take almost everything personally and get my feelings hurt very easily. Sometimes people know it. Most the time they don't.
18. Even though I haven't weighed 280 in 11 years, I only stopped thinking everyone everyone watching me cross the street was thinking how fat I was a couple of years ago
19. The novelty of grocery shopping for myself still hasn't worn off.
20. This is what I think everyone is thinking about me all the time.

This is just a small list. I know that you were all dying to know this because you think about me all the time and live to check this blog.

Crap! Forgot one.

21. I think that I am way more important than I actually am.


  • At 12:48 PM , Blogger Karen said...

    Here we go...
    #2 We all have uncharitable feelings so don't worry. I love to hear people say bad things about a certain "quacker" weilding indiv. it makes me happy. shhhh--don't tell
    #6 :( I hope this isn't true for me *gasp* because it's really good in my head
    #11 Believing in people is an admirable trait
    #17 I hope I haven't hurt you--I don't mean to

    p.s. you are awesome so believe it


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