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Date Night

Friday, February 03, 2006

Bizarre as it is for me, Jonathan and I almost have a sort-of weekly social schedule for our evenings:

Saturday Night is Hang out, gaming or Double Date Night
Sunday Night is Messiah Rehearsal.
Monday night is Family Home Evening.
Tuesday is Home or a night I can usually go to movies.
Wednesday is Girlfriend Night w/Karen and Chelle.
Thursday is Home or another night free for activity
Friday night is now Date Night in the Choate household so that Jonathan and I can have alone time to strengthen "US".

Jonathan and I are doing really well. I actually can't believe it. We have had such a struggle....well....our whole marriage really. I haven't loved him like I should and I regret it. He has been so wonderful lately. He is trying so hard to be my friend and to pay attention to how I am feeling, what I need, etc. I am doing everything I can to do the same. I didn't expect or deserve things to be so promising.

We had such a good afternoon and evening. Jonathan came home at 3 so we could take James shopping for a birthday present. Apparently he has a best friend named Adam (He's never mentioned him) and gave me the invitation THIS MORNING. I had no idea what to get him and neither did James.

"He has issues with expression, like me, Mom"

So Jon said he would come and offer his opinion.

Christopher wasn't happy that he wasn't going, but he got to go with Grandma Marilyn so he was ok.

James had a blast. Apparently they "Played Gun Battle, ate Cake, played Gun Battle, got parachute men and then kept playing Gun Battle".

Then the kids went to Grandma's and Jon and I "PLAYED".

Jon doesn't really like me to talk about him much on my blog (He did give me permission to tell you that he thinks my hair is hot, "The right length to tickle...never mind).

Jon is very quick-witted. This exchanged occurred as we were laying in bed....It wasn't the best foreplay in the world, though.

"I read your blog. Barney IS evil, but you're not a Demon like Cole."
"I'm not?"
"Nah. You're to hot to be a Demon"
"Demons can be hot"
"So you're saying I AM a demon?" (GLARE!)
"Uh...No. Maybe a Succubus? (GLARE GLARE!!)
"Um....Harpy? (GLARE GLARE GLARE!!!!)
A Nymph???? A really hot and adorable Nymph???? With, uh, great "Skills" ??? (Better...)

Great. I'm not only a demon, but add Succubous, Harpy and A Nymph with Bow-Staff skills to the list.
At least there was a great South Park where Chef almost marries a Succubus...

Since some of it was deserved, I let him have his wicked way with me anyway. BLUSH.

Afterwards, we went out to a great dinner at Cafe Sabor (Sweet and Spicy pulled pork Quesidillas with Jalepeno Jelly. YUM) We had a very emotional and sweet conversation about our baby boy, Matthew. Difficult, but sweet.

Then we went to the grossest movie ever-Underworld 2. Jon was happy because Kate Beckensale was in tight leather pants.

The kids wanted to stay at Marilyns, so I am going to spend the evening tucked up in Jon's arm.

After he gives me a massage for staying through that lame film, that is.


  • At 10:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Very sweet account. Nice of you to leave out all of the OUTLANDER details...URP! That's a great photo of you and Jon, by the way.


  • At 3:07 PM , Blogger Loralee Choate said...

    Ya know...no one likes that book. Maybe I should clue in! :)


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