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The Day Bob Meandered Into A Buffet....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

This is my dad. I call him Bob. That is his name, but I think I would call him Bob regardless. It fits him.
He is writing his life history and I spent a good part of the day reading it. I will say that you never really want to read the experiences of your dad having to watch a "Vivid film about Venereal Disease" in the Navy. It was right up there with his account of taking a class on Party Planning at BYU.

I actually think I got most of my features from my father. All the men who have made out with me can now wonder at their motivations because I look like a guy. Point illustrated:This was him right after basic training in "VD Central" at 17 and me last year. SEE? A guy.

A bunch of my family (Not all-Brad and my twin Loraina were missing) gathered for his 72nd Birthday. He picked "Golden Corral". I hate Buffets.

It helped when we walked in and saw THIS!!!!!!!!

Ok. Not really. It seemed like it, though!

A HUGE group of soldiers took up half the restaurant. I was speechless. Which takes a helluva lot for me.

Melanie:"How do you DO this, Loralee?"
Everywhere we have gone to eat in the last year there seems to be soldiers! I don't mind. :D

There's never been this many, though.

Rhett grabbed me and said, "No lap dancing". I think he was only half kidding.
I couldn't even take a picture...I was so awed.

My teenager-in-heat-state didn't stop me from desperately wanting one, though.

God bless my family. They tried. TWICE.

Melly tried. All the soldiers stopped, smiled and waved. She couldn't get my camera to take a pic.

NANCY tried. Same thing. They both felt like asses, and I couldn't do it to them or the guys again so...

I HAVE NO PICTURE. ----Insert Tantrum Here---- @#*)@*$(@*)#*@)($*(@)!

At least it made dinner at a buffet WAY more "DEEEE-LLLICCCIOUS!" ;)

As a final "Men in uniform" foot note: NO-my Dad in uniform does NOTHING for me. Just in case you were a sicko and wondered.

We all had a really good visit. It was good to see Linny, Nooncy and Rhett. I haven't seen them in a bit.
The only part that made me want to put a fork through my eyeball (Besides the usual stuff that makes me long for Valium at these things) was that Emma and Melly revisited the debate competition from yesterday. Do you know how freakin' sick I am of Imminent Domain???????

I guess God figures I need pay back for making people listen to me talk about my blog.


  • At 11:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You do NOT look like a man. Much too beautiful.

  • At 12:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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  • At 9:20 PM , Blogger Loralee Choate said...

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