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Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is Wilbur, my cat. She (Yes, I knew she was a 'she' when I named her Wilbur. Don't ask for an explanation. It just fit) seems to think that she OWNS my computer chair. It is the only chair in my little living room and it is MINE.

SHE is not cooperating. There is only one chair and I am not sharing. Plus, she gets cat fur all over it. I have like, four of those pet hair sticky rollers sitting on my desk. She lives to sit on my seat!

I get up to fix dinner, come back-she's there.

I leave to run errands, same thing.

She thinks me having to go pee is a good excuse to practice Universal Domination by playing a game of "Capture Mom's Chair".

I have explained my position.


I DRAW THE LINE! Do you hear me, Wilbur?! I mean it! DRASTIC action is going to be taken and it will NOT be pretty!!!!!

I am a wuss.



  • At 12:42 PM , Blogger Karen said...

    your losing the battle of wills with your cat? hahahahahahaha

  • At 1:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Cats are very smart. They often outwit their owners. Don't feel bad. And I adore Wilbur too....
    Amy and Jezebel

  • At 8:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wilbur...cute cat...psycho but cute...I guess things really DO even out... Couldn't you just toss her outside and let her go a-whoring as she normally does? Psycho cat...cute but psycho...Wilbur

    That's as close to a Chaiasmus as I can come today...



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